Career Change and Development

How do you know when its time for a change?

  • Your body is telling you enough is enough

  • Your job is impacting your self-esteem

  • You are only there for the money

  • You dream of a different career or promotion

  • You are lacking energy and are eternally bored

  • You have become disconnected from your passions

  • You are jealous of other people's job

  • You lack desire to push forward in your current role

  • You would leave if you could

  • Your friends and family have noticed a change in you

How many of the above relate to how you feel?  Making change is quite daunting and scary but being in a role that does not satisfy or give you fulfilment can waste many opportunities and time.  Let me share with you, my experience...

My Experience...

When I was young I wanted to be a PE teacher.  I was good at sport this was my passion.  My teachers felt it would definitely be the right job for me.  However, my parents didn't feel the same and so I didn't pursue this.  Instead I took on an admin role.  For years and years I was unhappy in this line of work. 


In my late 20's I had the opportunity to take over the running of a gymnastics club.  This was an amazing experience for me and one of my career highlights and successes.  I did this for 13 years.  However an injury meant I wasn't able to continue coaching to the level that was needed and so sadly I stepped away.  I continued working in admin as well so this is where I stayed.  There was a big void now, something was really missing and a gap I wanted to fill.  I needed to pinpoint what my real passion was.  I was now too old to go into sports teaching but I felt I had satisfied this desire with my 13 years of sports coaching.  I knew my passion was helping people achieve.  3 years ago I became a Health Coach for the NHS and I knew I had found 'the job'.  It ticked all the boxes and gave me a real sense of fulfilment.  Although health is a big part of life, not everyone struggles with ill health and it was this realisation that lead to me Life Coaching.  It took many years to get here because I didn't have any guidance on how to work this out.  Looking back I have spent a large portion of my career unhappy and unfulfilled, continuing in a line of work that left me bored and only doing it because that's all I had ever known.  Do I have any regrets?  No, I don't believe in regrets, I only wish I had more guidance to help me realise and utilise my talent earlier.  However, I am now in a career I absolutely love and I want to help you to find 'your perfect job'.

So, how can I help you?

I will work with you through a step by step process that will pinpoint your real passion and desires, build your self confidence and belief system so that you can confidently take that step, help you overcome any barriers that are in your way, help you research and prepare you for interview.  The skills you learn on the way will set you up for any future career change or development you want to take.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch and book a FREE, no obligation consultation, where I would be more than happy to discuss your needs with you.