A personally tailored programme to help you manage anxiety in 90 days or less

This programme is for you if…

  • You want to take control of your anxiety & not let it control you 

  • You want to stop overthinking, over-analysing and worrying about everything

  • You want to do things you want & love to do but your anxiety stops you.

  • You want to go about your day without the feeling of impending doom or worrying something bad will happen

  • You want to learn how to manage your anxiety effectively

  • You would like to reduce your medication or not have to take it at all.

This programme is designed to give you a full and comprehensive understanding of anxiety and how it affects you both mentally and physically. Throughout the course of 90 days, you will learn various techniques that are best suited for your type of anxiety, which will help you take back control, increase your confidence and bring the joy back of doing the things you love.

Take It From Me...

I have suffered from anxiety since the age of 13.  Over the years I have had various forms of counselling, I went through long periods of time without it troubling me too much and then BAM!! There it was again, bigger and uglier than last time.


I learnt what my anxiety was linked to but what I hadn’t learnt was how to manage and live with it. 


I would get through each episode in time, but it interfered in most areas of my day-to-day life.  By my mid 30’s my anxiety had moulded me into a nervous, sensitive and negative adult with very low confidence and self-esteem. 


I knew that to live life to the full, things had to change…

So here’s what I did….  I undertook a Psychology Course, I read books, books and more books on mental health, including anxiety, depression and CBT. I started to challenge the way I thought about myself and different aspects of my life.  It wasn’t just about learning how to change my thought processes that helped me, it was also learning the how’s and why’s of anxiety on a physical level too.  Once I realised how it all linked together I knew I was on the road to recovery.

In 2019 I took one step further and became a Health Coach for the NHS. There I continued learning and developing my knowledge and expertise in helping people navigate their health struggles.


During that time, I realised that health is a big part of life but there are so many more aspects of it too. So, I decided to qualify as a Life Coach, which allowed me to bring a vast array of tools & techniques and help create incredible results for my patients & clients.

Now I live relatively anxiety-free, I am proof that you can lead a normal, healthy and fulfilling life with anxiety. And if 5 years ago you told me I would have my own business, my anxiety would have told you, that it is not possible for me. But here I am....


I have taken back control and I want to help you do the same.  

So How I Am Going To Do This?

I have designed a 90-day programme, which includes 8 sessions. During this programme I will take you through understanding your anxiety type, discovering your triggers, how and which areas of your life it affects, what happens physically and mentally when anxiety strikes. I will provide you with various thought processing techniques allowing you to change negative and unhelpful thoughts to positive and helpful ones.


I will provide you with a (metaphorical) toolbox full of tools and techniques for you to learn and use for the rest of your life.  

This programme is personally tailored to best fit your unique situation, needs & preferences.



Identifying the main source of your anxiety and your triggers will also help identify the type of anxiety you have.  They are not always easy to pinpoint and you may be surprised by the result, but this first step will enable us to tailor your programme around these.


This is a really important aspect as we all think about mental health when we hear the word ‘Anxiety’.  However, the physical effects can be just as debilitating and understanding what happens physically can help piece it all together.


Safety behaviours are great for keeping us safe, but they don’t help in the long term.  Think of it as sticking plaster over an open wound or covering a crack in a wall with something temporary until you can get it fixed properly.  Identifying safety behaviours and learning how and when to use them is key.


Our way of thinking can determine the severity of anxiety.  Past experiences and learnt behaviour can often dictate our thought process and it's really important to understand your way of thinking and why you think like you do.  Our thought processes can also have a big impact on decisions we make on a day to day basis.


This is a classic one size does not fit all scenario.  Depending on the challenges you face and the type of anxiety will determine which techniques work best for you. 


The last two sessions will be focused on monitoring your progress and discussing challenges.  Anxiety can be exhausting, especially with the practice of using the techniques as well.  So, we will check-in, see how you are getting on, re-adjust if things are not quite working for you and challenge the reasons why.

In between session check-in and support will be available via email and/or phone.

By The End Of This Programme, You Will:

  • Feel more confident & in control of your day-to-day life.

  • Understand how and why anxiety affects you (both mentally & physically).

  • Know the main source of your anxiety and triggers.

  • Understand why it's difficult to make decisions with anxiety.

  • Know which techniques & tools are most effective for you (& why they work)

  • Understand how to overcome overthinking and over-analysing.

  • Already be changing the way you think into more positive and helpful patterns.

You will understand how and why anxiety affects you, not just mentally, but physically and the more you practice the more subconsciously you will put your new learnt behaviours into action.  Most importantly you will realise that anxiety is a part of you, but it does not define who you are.


A personally tailored programme to help you manage anxiety in 90 days or less

WINTER PROMOTION - Limited Time Only

Was £700

Now £499

  • 8 one-to-one coaching sessions via video call

  • Each session will be 60-minutes long

  • Sessions are personally tailored to support you through your individual anxiety type and challenges

  • The first 5 sessions will be weekly at a time that works for you.

  • Session 6 will be scheduled two weeks after session 5. 

  • Sessions 7 & 8 are check-in sessions carried out 2 weeks apart.

  • All 8 sessions will be completed over a 90 day period

  • In between session check-in & support will be available via email and/or telephone if required.

Are You Ready?

To live without analysing and worrying all the time, to live without the feeling of overwhelm, and to start doing things you really love?  

To gain control so you can do things without over analysing and panicking? 

To have a panic-free trip to the shops or a nice day out? 

Q & A

What It Is?

Kennel Cough, or infectious tracheobronchiitis, is a contagious respiratory illness. It’s airborne so anywhere dogs are together, they can contract kennel cough (dog park, daycare, veterinary offices, training groups, etc.) Symptoms are cold like with a cough, sometimes strong and “honking” sounding, runny nose, sneezing, lethargy, loss of appetite, sometimes a low fever. Basically, it’s the common cold. Just like children’s daycare centres and schools, once one child get sick it seems to spread quick. The good news, it usually resolves itself on its own, however it’s always best to have your veterinarian rule out other causes for the cough. Other conditions can cause a cough and may appear to be kennel cough, when they are in fact not. Allergies, excessive dust, or other nasal irritants, in addition to other infectious diseases can cause symptoms that appear to be kennel cough.

Does this mean my daycare is not clean?

Kennel cough can take from 3-10 days to show symptoms, so it’s possible your dog picked it up in many different places. As noted from PetMD, “Even in the most hygienic, well ventilated, spacious kennels the possibility of a dog acquiring Kennel Cough exists. Kennel Cough can be acquired from your neighbor's dog, from a Champion show dog at a dog show, from the animal hospital where your dog just came in for treatment of a cut paw. So try not to blame the kennel operator if your dog develops Kennel Cough shortly after that weekend stay at the kennel! There may have been an infected dog, unknown to anyone, that acted as a source for other dogs in the kennel.” The best prevention is a strong and vibrant immune system. At The Hound Lounge, we disinfect water bowls and toys often throughout the day and thoroughly every night. We mop floors and wash playground equipment with Benefect disinfectant, which is safe for use in children and pet daycares but strong enough to kill HIV and bordetella viruses. We regularly open the big doors and allow fresh air to breeze in and help keep the air fresh and clean.

My dog was immunized though?

Much like the human flu shot, bordetella vaccine does protect but it doesn’t ensure that there is no risk. There are various strains and sometimes your dog can pick up one of the strains not covered in the vaccine. The benefit of the vaccine is that if they do get sick, the symptoms are usually far less severe and resolve more quickly. As Dr. Karen Becker, DMV says “As I discussed earlier, kennel cough is most often a complex cocktail of different infections and not just a single infection. Because it's caused by a variety of different bacterial and viral agents, there's no one single vaccine that can provide protection for all of those different infectious agents.”

How to Treat?

Typically, mild cases of kennel cough are treated with a week or two of rest, but a veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics to prevent a secondary infection and cough medication to ease the symptoms.

Can I get it?

According to the CDC, bordetella is considered “zoonotic” meaning we can pass it back and forth between us and our pets. That said, generally only humans with a suppressed immune system will contract kennel cough. It’s very rare for humans to get it.

Returning to Daycare?

To be safe, we ask that a dog with confirmed kennel cough not return for a week after symptoms disappear. In this way we are doing our best to contain the spread of infection to other dogs. As always, if your dog is not feeling well, has a runny nose, cough, diarrhea or vomiting, please do not bring them to daycare.