Work/Life Balance

Getting your life balanced is a fundamental part to living a full, happy and content life.  When our life is out of balance it can affect so many areas, including: 


Relationships - (Both personal and professional)


Stress and Anxiety Levels  

Eating Habits

Sleep Patterns

Fun and Recreation

and much more......

I will use a tool with you that gives a visual of your life balance now and where you would like it to be and this is then used to concentrate on those areas that need working on to bring back a healthy balance and enable you to get the most out of life.  Whatever changes need making can be done in a manageable step by step way.  One small change can have a huge positive knock on effect to other areas.  For example, managing your time effectively and finishing work half an hour early could mean eating earlier, having time to go to the gym or for a walk which will improve your mood, improve your health and mental wellbeing, improve fitness, self confidence and promote better sleep.  You can achieve all that with just 30 minutes a day!!  That's just one example, there are so many other small changes you can make to balance things up.